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Pedigrees and health results


Welcome to the British Association of True Working Kelpies database!

We are at the start of our journey to compile a comprehensive database of working kelpies in the UK, recording working ability, health status and breeding.  Working dogs will be eligible to be registered under the BATWK system, and litters bred from working parents will be eligible for registration and a BATWK issued pedigree registration certificate.

Our goal is to assist all breeders to make healthy breeding decisions which will maintain or improve the population of working kelpies here in the UK. Prospective owners can check the background of a puppy they are intending to buy or research lines of interest.

As a breeder or owner, you can help to complete the pedigrees, add photos and contribute health information. You can find more details under the tab 'add a dog'. This information is essential for providing the most accurate results concerning inbreeding and health issues. We only take health information from the owner of breeder of the dog.

Feel free to have a look around.

The BATWK Database Team


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